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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Must Stop

I had cereal tonight. My body does not like cereal. For the record, my body does not like cheese either. Nor pasta. I haven't even really tried beer, because I know... I knew before it made me feel yucky and it's going to be a thousand times worse now.

When I try a food and it makes me feel like crap, I just want it outta me. It is so much easier not to eat the crap in the first place. I met the coworkers out for lunch today and found something to order, but my afternoon avocado snack turned out to be a bust. It had two too many trips in the lunch bag and was bruised and battered and inedible. By the time I got home I was hungry and not thinking clearly when I decided it would be a good idea to try out that leftover cereal.

So as I sipped from a mug of hot lemon water in an attempt to debloat from the carb attack on my body, I realized all the crap has to go. I need to get that stuff out of my pantry and out of the house. I will be a happier girl for it.

My next step has got to be working out a better plan for a hunger strike. I need to have something in the pantry that will be good for me to eat. Perhaps something I could store in my flour or sugar canister! Now taking grain-free suggestions.


  1. I look for them on sale and pick up some LaraBars for portable emergency snacks. Grassfed Gourmet makes very good beef jerky-like snacks. I'm not usually a fan of jerky but are good. Also I frequently keep a trail mix in my bag - raw almonds, coconut flakes, some dried fruit. It works to fend off hunger but try not to eat too many nuts during the day either or your tummy could be upset by that too. I'm glad you're cleaning out the pantry. I'm sorry you had to get sick to decide to do it. I've been there. Yuck.

  2. Are you going gluten-free, dear? This blog might help: And are you lactose-intolerant, too? (I saw the cheese mention.) If so, my friend Amelia could probably provide some great resources.

  3. I've always had lactose intolerance and gluten issues that I ignored. I'm finally doing something about it. I'm not going to lie, I still have hopes for good grains and beans.



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