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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Practically Leisurely Whirlwind Weekend

My Wisconsin getaway weekend was slowed down slightly by an extra half day vacation time. Instead of hitting the road after dinner, I took the afternoon off and was arriving in Wisconsin after dinner.

Time. After dinnertime. I saved myself for a nosh of naked tenders at the BWW with my favorite spicy garlic sauce (both gluten free!). I was thrilled to leave there feeling great. Well I felt great about how I actually felt after eating, not so great about the pathetic trivia loss I suffered! I'm out of practice!

I also hit up a great deal of shopping establishments while vacationing in Wisconsin and I'm pleased with all my glorious finds. I enjoyed Friday Fish out with the family and quality sister time to boot! And of course I squeezed in a few dice game wins with my mom.

The visit culminated with the grand birthday celebration which was the purpose of the trip. A traditional birthday Freighthouse dinner was made sweeter with a pre-party wine tasting at Blondy's lilly pad. The birthday dinner itself was wrought with drama and intrigue as new boyfriends and other surprise conversations unfolded. I wish I had it all on tape! The evening blurred through the John's Bar, Bodega, and a Northside bar I don't care to mention. It was all the glorious fabulousness a birthday celebration should be.

The weekend came to a screeching halt on Sunday as I woke startled to find myself on Blondy's couch. And realized I drank a lot more than I have in a really long time. I was feeling a sympathy year older. I sealed the weekend with a lunch out with my mom's family and hit the road south. Thank goodness for a record travel time on the way home and a full week of nothing to help me recover!

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