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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cheater Cheater Potato Eater

So to answer the question apparently on everyone's minds... My Whole30 Buddy is still on board with eating real food and feeling better (according to my last check in). I was disappointed she had cheated right at the time when her body was probably getting ready to forget all about those cravings. I told her she had to start over.

And let's be clear here, I'm not without fault myself. My first Whole30 I admittedly drank sweetened coconut milk. I also accidently ingested a few non-approved foods and learned my lessons.

In fact, I'm still learning plenty of lessons everyday. Every now and then I eat a food I think is okay only to glance at the label later and kick myself for being tricked into soy, starches, sweeteners, and worst of all...corn syrup!

And sometimes I just cheat. Over my weekend in Wisconsin I had a salad with most of the cheese scraped off...mostly. I had another salad with peas. I opted for a baked potato over veggies and took a small scoop of hash browns at the breakfast buffet. Oh, and my sister fed me cake with maple syrup in it and I indulged in a few adult beverages one night.

All in all, I practically don't recognize myself from three months ago! I'm cheating with peas for crying out loud! No garlic toast. No dinner rolls. No pasta salad. No beer. No pancakes and sweet rolls. I can't imagine ever going back. I guess it's true what they say about that Whole30 changing your life.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Impulse Project

On Sunday I was rummaging in my laundry basket for something and it snagged my clothes for the last time. I dumped everything in a pile on the floor of my closet.

I headed straight for the basement to rummage for something that would make a suitable liner. I emerged with a perfect option. It was a plain white sheet with an embroidered floral border. I use the matching pillowcases, but the sheet sits in a tub unused. Until now.

I started by assuming I could make the existing border work around the top, so I measured the depth of the basket and cut that length from the border's edge. Draping the piece inside, I pinned where the fabric should meet and cut the excess away.

The border was a little too long to fit above the handles, so I sewed three pleats above the blocks of flowers to shorten the length. Although covered by the basket lid at most times, this is my favorite part.

The circular bottom piece was the hardest to fit. I cut a piece and tried to pin it to the main piece twice before getting frustrated and taking a snack and water break. Once refueled, I was able to master the circle sewing and now that it resides at the bottom of the basket, who's the wiser what it looks like?

Monday is laundry day for me. And this Monday I was able to turn my basket over and quickly dump out its contents...unsnagged. And the border fits snugly around the top of the basket so the liner stays in the basket where it belongs. I'm loving it already!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

GF Mini Egg Bakes

Yesterday in my post-parade induced stupor, I accidentally got out two servings of breakfast sausage to defrost. This morning I decided the best thing to do would be to brown it all and use half for a batch of my little egg bakes.
Egg Bakes pictured contain bacon, mushrooms, and green peppers.

I have struggled with what to call these. At first I was calling them egg cups because they are made in a cupcake pan. Then I thought omelet cups because they are omelet ingredients. But I've seen a lot of these types of recipes online that look blah ditty blah because they are only seasoned with salt and pepper.

Honestly I was developing this recipe before my first Whole30 and it was originally an egg bake using french bread. I pretty much have just removed the bread and increased the eggs. I play around with the ingredients depending on what I have, but this combination was dynamite!

Preheat oven to 350°. I use a dark pan. If you have a light pan, you may need to increase your oven temp by 25°. Grease a six muffin tin with coconut oil.

Whisk together:
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
3 eggs
1/4 C unsweetened coconut milk
2 Tbsp dijon mustard
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp garlic powder
Dash of black pepper

Stir in:*
1/2 C breakfast sausage, browned
1/4 C green peppers, diced and sauteed
1/4 C mushrooms, sliced and sauteed

Pour into muffin tins. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until eggs are set. Yummy!

I usually store leftovers in a small, airtight container for a grab and reheat breakfast on the go.

*I've also used red peppers and spinach. I think asparagus and red pepper would be divine. Pretty much endless variations.

Sun Hangover

I found a bit o green to wear yesterday! I pulled a bright green La Crosse State University athleticy top out of my costume closet. I'm pretty sure I stole it from my parents basement years ago and never have worn it. It was my dad's from when UW-L was LSU. I got a lot of complements on it, so thanks Dad! I'll try to post a picture when I'm to a real computer.

I missed my traditional Saint Patty's day Irish car bombs, but I definitely don't miss the hangover! Thank you Whole30 for keeping me feeling good!

However, I do have a sun hangover. I arrived at parade central yesterday about 10 am. At the time of the balloon arch creation, it was pleasantly overcast. It wasn't too long before someone turned up the heat.

By the time the cannon signaled the parade start, the sky was mostly blue and that sun was beating down on my pasty white unprotected winter skin. And my sun headache had already begun.

After the bead zombies sucked every last bit of bead out of us and the balloon arch was lovingly passed on to some drunken balloon arch keeper, my head was throbbing. It wasn't until I was home and fed and collapsed in the couch did it really sink in how much I hurt everywhere. Including a painful farmers tan sunburn.

I'm so old! Did I mention I'm glad I wasn't drinking on top of it all? It was all I could do to stay awake for the delayed broadcast of 48 Hours Mystery!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Disappointment And Eggs

I'm disappointed to say my Whole30 Buddy cheated herself out of finding out what 30 days can do. I'm still in this.

Today I hadn't prepared food to take to work, so I enjoyed a random array of eats. Eggs for breakfast in the car as usual. A banana, a grapefruit, an avocado, and celery with olive tapenade. Oh and chicken lunch meat.

When I arrived home, I was all about marinating more chicken tenderloins and skewering with bacon for the grill. Most deliciousness ever. Paired with sauteed little cabbages, dinner was practically perfect.

Now I'm dreading my early alarm for the holiday tomorrow. Festivities start shortly after sunrise downtown and I plan to check out the egg selection before prepping for the parade. Then I've volunteered to walk and hand out beads. What was I thinking?

The only green thing I have to wear is a sweater. Pretty sure that isn't going to be ideal for a walk in the 80° sunshine. Perhaps the only green I'll be wearing is beads.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Note on Allergies

So I'm testing out no decongestant.

Let's begin by saying that since as long as I can remember I've taken a decongestant pill every four hours, except when I'm sleeping. That's a lot of drugs! And a lot of cash too for anybody nerdy enough to do the math on this day of pi.

Since giving up gluten and wheat (and most grains, really) in January I was down to taking one just before bed. I thought I needed to be able to breathe to sleep. But recently I began to think the pill itself may be causing the congestion because it contains allergens. (I know. Crazy, right?)

I have previously tried to go off the allergy med and so far, that is a no go. I'm still incredibly sneezy, itchy, and watery. With these above average temperatures all winter, I think nothing really ever died off.

But the decongestant is another story. Day ten of my second Whole30 is my first day minus the decongestant. Look at all the money I'm saving to spend on groceries!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 10 Happy Birthday!

My Whole30 buddy celebrates her birthday on our day ten of the adventure! She is giving herself the gift of health for her birthday this year and I think it is paying off. We shall celebrate with a club soda for sure!

I accidentally got some sugar in something I wasn't expecting and I think that is part of what has made me a crab monster the last few days (added to the sleep deprivation of daylight savings time). I've got to flush that crap out.

I was constantly eating today. It was all approved foods, but I think my inner sugar monster was looking for a fix. I have twenty more days to shape up. Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow for the birthday celebration!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 8 Grill Out

It's Whole30 day eight! That is practically a third through!
I need a little positive spin today. I didn't know why my alarm was going off at 5am, but I knew I had to get out of bed anyhow. Angry. Boy does that make me angry.
I have a hard time adjusting to daylight savings time changes. Today was no different. I was off all day and couldn't catch up.
Luckily by the time I got off work the thermostat in my car was telling me it was 79° and my grill was calling.
I wrapped chicken tenderloins with bacon and coated with a mixture of 1/4 cup dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, and 1/8 teaspoon black pepper. Then I diced cucumber, tomato, and avocado for a tangy garlic lime flavored salad.
Before sunset I was pulling the little chicken skewers off the grill and digging into a super summery meal. So delicious! Makes me almost glad I had to get up at the crack of dawn.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Skinny Bop

I'm feeling skinny today. I love that just by cutting out the bloat you can feel skinny. It puts a bounce in my step.

I checked up on Whole30 Buddy and she is in fact feeling skinny today as well. She is just rocking! I'm so happy to see it considering my effects are less apparent the second time around. And also considering I was pretty crabby and NOT feeling great on my day four from the last round. Way to go buddy! I'm so proud of all you've accomplished in four days!

I'm looking forward to pan browned tilapia and asparagus for dinner and hopefully *fingers crossed* brats on the grill Friday! Wouldn't that be dreamy?

In other news, I'm 33 years old and I voted for American Idol. I just had to get it off my chest. I was actually working at a FOX television station when this program began and I did watch it for a few years and then lost touch. Somehow I got sucked in early this year and by the time the voting came around I was helpless to it's calling.

I'm thinking I need to incorporate exercise into American Idol nights so I feel less guilty about watching.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Day three. These are really flying by. Before you know it, we'll be a whole week into this Whole30!

I'm happy to say my Whole30 buddy is feeling great. She said she's experiencing better energy, fewer tummy aches, and her pants are loose! Love to see that gluten bloat go away!

After we stopped by the meat market for happy hour, I headed home to get my ground beef fried up for a gigantic taco salad. I had a nearly perfect avocado again. Practically a perfect night!

I'm looking forward to those fresh brats I purchased. Hopefully the weather will hold out. I have flowers blooming in my yard. I'm definitely ready to bust out the grill!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 2 For Two

I'm not feeling a whole heck of a lot different than I did two days ago. But because I have followed a pretty similar diet since I ended my first Whole30 in January, I'm not really surprised.

I've had a slight headache and I did get attacked by the crab monster momentarily today. But all in all, I'm feeling really good.

I enjoyed carrot ginger soup leftovers, individual egg bakes, and a blueberry muffin today. Tonight I mashed a parsnip with ghee, prepared asparagus, and stew meat with mushroom gravy-definitely a favorite! Oh and I did have a fruit smoothy, which I tend to do more frequently on the Whole30 because I'm not eating any other sugar. C'est la vie!

I was happy to share a few recipes with my Whole30 buddy and am happy to report she is feeling great after two days. It only gets better from here!

Monday, March 5, 2012

You And Me And The Cauliflower Makes Three

It's Day 1! Again!

I have a friend interested in pursuing the wonderfully healthy feeling associated with detoxing your body and eating real food, so I'm joining her as she starts her Whole30 journey.

Over the weekend I whipped up a batch of cauliflower soup. I was just reading about the wonderful detox capacity of the cauliflower and am really excited about the extra Vitamin C boost. I still haven't gotten the office sickies and I have no intention of doing so now!

I enjoyed a serving of soup over lunch and shared a serving with my Whole30 buddy and still got two in the freezer! Contrary to popular belief, healthy food can be delicious! I love this soup. I'll have to post it up here, but basically it is a head of cauliflower in 5 cups of vegetable broth cooked until tender and then blended to a smooth and creamy deliciousness. I use garlic, white pepper, salt, fresh parsley, and a dash of cayenne to season. Yum!

After a pit stop at the grocery store tonight, I intend to try a new carrot ginger soup, bake individual egg bake goodness, and of course I need a recipe of the Whole30 Survivor Blueberry Muffins! I won't be able to survive this week without them and I want to share them so my buddy survives week one too. We can do it!


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