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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Impulse Project

On Sunday I was rummaging in my laundry basket for something and it snagged my clothes for the last time. I dumped everything in a pile on the floor of my closet.

I headed straight for the basement to rummage for something that would make a suitable liner. I emerged with a perfect option. It was a plain white sheet with an embroidered floral border. I use the matching pillowcases, but the sheet sits in a tub unused. Until now.

I started by assuming I could make the existing border work around the top, so I measured the depth of the basket and cut that length from the border's edge. Draping the piece inside, I pinned where the fabric should meet and cut the excess away.

The border was a little too long to fit above the handles, so I sewed three pleats above the blocks of flowers to shorten the length. Although covered by the basket lid at most times, this is my favorite part.

The circular bottom piece was the hardest to fit. I cut a piece and tried to pin it to the main piece twice before getting frustrated and taking a snack and water break. Once refueled, I was able to master the circle sewing and now that it resides at the bottom of the basket, who's the wiser what it looks like?

Monday is laundry day for me. And this Monday I was able to turn my basket over and quickly dump out its contents...unsnagged. And the border fits snugly around the top of the basket so the liner stays in the basket where it belongs. I'm loving it already!

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