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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Note on Allergies

So I'm testing out no decongestant.

Let's begin by saying that since as long as I can remember I've taken a decongestant pill every four hours, except when I'm sleeping. That's a lot of drugs! And a lot of cash too for anybody nerdy enough to do the math on this day of pi.

Since giving up gluten and wheat (and most grains, really) in January I was down to taking one just before bed. I thought I needed to be able to breathe to sleep. But recently I began to think the pill itself may be causing the congestion because it contains allergens. (I know. Crazy, right?)

I have previously tried to go off the allergy med and so far, that is a no go. I'm still incredibly sneezy, itchy, and watery. With these above average temperatures all winter, I think nothing really ever died off.

But the decongestant is another story. Day ten of my second Whole30 is my first day minus the decongestant. Look at all the money I'm saving to spend on groceries!

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