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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AA Day

I've been an administrative assistant for nearly eleven years. Back when I started out in the office world I will never forget the first time I received a gift for administrative professionals day. It was a candy bouquet.
Seriously. That has to be the worst gift ever right behind flowers. I hate candy. Mostly. Enough that your average candy bouquet has nothing to offer me. Straight to the garbage. Thanks for the super thoughtful gift considering I hate candy. Really shows you care!
Flowers at least are usually pretty even though my seasonal allergies make them a horrifying addition to my office. Wow. Flowers. Thanks. Are you trying to kill me or just make me miserable? I feel so loved!
And then I went and spent eight years working for a company who puts on a gigantic party on administrative professionals day. Not only do I have to work my ass off, most of the time the meaning of the day is lost. The only bonus with that is free drink tickets. Hey... I'll take it!
But this year the party wasn't on the actual day. Luckily the people I work for know not to get me a candy bouqet or flowers. Instead I was bestowed with a gigantic veggie bouquet. Now that is a damn thoughtful gift! And my coworkers got me several herb plants. I actually feel loved.
Thanks to all my fabulous co-workers and all the thoughtful things you said in my cards. And thanks for not hugging me!

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  1. That does sound like you are loved! Hope you can enjoy the party tonight.



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