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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Color Purple

I'm seeing a lot of purple. The bruise started surfacing a day after my fall on the concrete stairs as just a purple line across my back. Almost three days later it has spread and spread and spread. I'm pretty sure it's the darkest purple bruise I've ever seen let alone seen on my own pasty white skin.

I've also discovered bruising on my left shoulder and a day later bruising surfaced under my arm on the right side. I'm practically polka dotted! I can't even imagine how all sides managed to get banged up. I feel as though I've never been so physically fragile!

My back is still stiff, but walking seems to be getting easier. Which is good, because my only plans for this weekend were to lay around and heal, but I need to put more time in at work and I would love to get some errands in before my trip north.

That's another issue altogether. Walking is no fun, but neither is sitting for a long in a car...for six and a half hours. I'm crossing my fingers for a speedy recovery and a little lighter purple this week!

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