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Sunday, April 15, 2012


I really took a time out yesterday. Like usual really. I'm much more of a homebody on Saturday and able to head back out into the world recharged on Sunday.

So here we are. Sunday.

Let's just say I'm mentally preparing for the workload today while enjoying my coffee on the porch. It is a delightful overcast morning with a heavenly breeze. The birds are singing and the wind chimes are chiming.

But it is about time to break out the to-do list. I need to organize for the highest possible efficiency with my day. I am long overdue for mowing and yardwork, so I feel that is first. Then I can get ready for the day. I can run a few errands to make sure I get them in before I head to work.

That's a whole different ballgame. Friday was so crazy I don't even remember all the things I didn't accomplish. Wouldn't it be great if I finally got caught up? I absolutely hate operating in shoveling the coal mode. I need to get back up to the helm for a little sightseeing!

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