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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Goodbyes are never easy.

At least the parties are fun. I'm not looking forward to Friday. Or the next going away next Friday for that matter.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

La Sigh

I needed a recharge something fierce. After waffling about a trip north, I decided to get out of dodge.

Even with Memorial Day traffic, the drive north itself is a time out. It gives me a lot of me time and a lot of time to sort things out that have been floating around my brain. And I really lucked out with traffic too. I hit the road a little early on Friday and didn't head back until Tuesday and it was beautiful driving weather and clear sailing!
I spent a lot of time with the folks, which doesn't always happen and was able to get a lot of my mom's gardening done between the hot days, rain, and beetle infestation. I've even suggested more gardening for my long July vacation. (What was I thinking?!)

I was happy to also get quality time with my preggers Sherman, who was supposed to be out of town. Lucky me! I can't wait for my July vacay at the Hotel Sherman. There is nothing more vacationy then waking up to the Mississippi river out your window. (insert barges song here)

It's going to be a long month of waiting. Heck, it's going to be a long week. With only three working days for me, a going away party, and an event weekend, I'm going to have to be super productive worker bee. And here I am at practically 1am and still not settled down after my drive home.

One more time with the guided meditation... Any minute now...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Memorization Wizard

So did I mention I picked up my script for the upcoming To Kill a Mockingbird show? So excited! Just having that manilla packet under my arm put a bounce in my step!

Tonight I finally made time to browse through and highlight my lines. Perhaps I can get them recorded to work on during the long car ride this weekend. If I do, I fear they may be memorized by the time I return. I'm a memorization wizard and there aren't too many of them.

Is it acceptable to record the whole script and memorize all the lines? Just in case? I'm way too excited and rehearsals don't even start until mid July. I should have done a much more to have to learn for a musical. But I guess harder to practice the choreography in the car.


I can't stop gazing lovingly at my new old furniture.
I recently destroyed my pressed board filing cabinet and swore I'd find an old piece of furniture to use in it's place. You know... Something that actually goes with the rest of everything else I own since it sits out in plain site in my living room.
I was losing hope and getting more and more anxious about the filing mess piling up when I stumbled upon this beauty at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore. I stopped in about a week ago and...nothing. But this weekend... Jackpot!
I was ready to fight the other two guys checking it out. As soon as they walked away I grabbed the $15 price tag and headed for the checkout. With tax it came to just over $16. You can't beat that! Now I just need filing boxes to finish it off and get my life back in order.
I gave the legs a little steel wool and polish action over the weekend and tonight I rubbed it down with scratch cover until it shone. So pretty. Can't stop gazing...
If only I could figure out what it was for. My guess was a 1960s stereo cabinet. It has a tambour door (a term I just learned from my online searching) and what appears to be shelf brackets inside. Either that or a liquor cabinet? I couldn't find anything like it online. If you have any ideas, please share!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tomato Poppers

I got this idea on Pinterest and I threw my own spin on it. What could be better than tomato, basil, and mozzarella?

I washed and deseeded good-sized cherry tomatoes, and turned them upside down on a towel to drain for few minutes.

Then I flipped them hole side up and drizzled balsamic vinegar inside. Then I cut slices of mozzarella into strips and rolled them with fresh, washed basil leaves, and stuck the little roll into the tomato.

I drizzled again with balsamic vinegar and olive oil (about an eighth of a teaspoon each), salted and peppered.

I was lucky to have an even twelve for the serving plate and one to test out. Yum!

It was the perfect nibbler for a casual gathering. The only real work with these is the tomato gutting. Practically painless entertaining... next time I may just make double!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Confessions Of A Cableholic

So I got cable installed. Just in time to be able to see my horse take the whole kit and rose caboodle in the Kentucky Derby! That was actually part of the reason I decided to get cable. I thought if I was going to invite people over to my house to watch an event on a station that is the most finicky to tune in with rabbit ears, I needed to take action.

I was so sick of the cutting in and out while trying to watch my favorite programs like 48 Hours Mystery (cause I'm cool like that). I missed the good old days when a station that didn't come in very well was just fuzzy. It is practically impossible in this day and age to watch digital tv with the rabbit ears.

You have to understand that when I lived in Wisconsin, I went without television for a couple of years after I had new flooring installed in the living room and couldn't decide where to drill a hole for the antenna cable to come through. Finally I decided to hook up my thirteen-inch television in my office and I went a whole more year watching maybe an hour of television a week on that tiny tube.

And when I moved here, I didn't even bring a television with me. After settling in with my few sparse belongings from the first move, my sister brought down that trusty thirteen-inch (my dad's idea, I think, because who in their right mind chooses to live without television?). I mostly used it to watch movies.

So here I am.. it's twenty-twelve. After only having cable for three months of my thirty-three and a half years leading up to this point, I now have cable (and internet!). And I'm addicted! I've spent a weekend watching HGTV. I had a movie marathon sick day. I've "caught up" on TV shows I hadn't been catching at their normally scheduled times. And most recently I spent a good six hours sucked into the Food Network.

I may have a problem, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it for the time being!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Roses Are Red

Roses and mint were definitely the major themes for my Kentucky Derby party!

 Mint trailed over a glass of water on the bar for drinks and two mint plants found a temporary home in a pair of glasses on the buffet. One has since moved out and the other is stretching his roots in a container on my patio!

 I made radish rosettes and strawberry roses. I purchased silk red roses for the porch and arranged shiny red fabric in my trifle bowl to resemble a rose for my buffet.

Have I expressed lately how much I love my expanding red formica and chrome dining table? Where would my parties be without it?

It was a delightful afternoon with mint julep spritzers and a few friends experiencing the most exciting two minutes of sports. Did I mention I picked the winner? How could I not with a name like I'll Have Another?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Giddy Up

I'm throwing together a last minute Kentucky Derby party tomorrow. I think I have enough food stuffs planned and the drink has got to be mint juleps, so that is easy!

I looked up the horse's names for a little wagering and then watched an online video tutorial for making radish rosettes. Hey, at the last minute I still need roses for a Kentucky Derby party! As a matter of fact, I have high hopes for hitting up the stores early tomorrow to scavenge for more roses and perhaps a gigantic hat.

Then at some point I'll need to mow the lawn and put together a playlist. (What kind of music do horses like?) Plenty of time! The red carpet coverage doesn't start until 4pm. I need to put the horses to sleep so we can giddy up at the break of dawn!


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