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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Confessions Of A Cableholic

So I got cable installed. Just in time to be able to see my horse take the whole kit and rose caboodle in the Kentucky Derby! That was actually part of the reason I decided to get cable. I thought if I was going to invite people over to my house to watch an event on a station that is the most finicky to tune in with rabbit ears, I needed to take action.

I was so sick of the cutting in and out while trying to watch my favorite programs like 48 Hours Mystery (cause I'm cool like that). I missed the good old days when a station that didn't come in very well was just fuzzy. It is practically impossible in this day and age to watch digital tv with the rabbit ears.

You have to understand that when I lived in Wisconsin, I went without television for a couple of years after I had new flooring installed in the living room and couldn't decide where to drill a hole for the antenna cable to come through. Finally I decided to hook up my thirteen-inch television in my office and I went a whole more year watching maybe an hour of television a week on that tiny tube.

And when I moved here, I didn't even bring a television with me. After settling in with my few sparse belongings from the first move, my sister brought down that trusty thirteen-inch (my dad's idea, I think, because who in their right mind chooses to live without television?). I mostly used it to watch movies.

So here I am.. it's twenty-twelve. After only having cable for three months of my thirty-three and a half years leading up to this point, I now have cable (and internet!). And I'm addicted! I've spent a weekend watching HGTV. I had a movie marathon sick day. I've "caught up" on TV shows I hadn't been catching at their normally scheduled times. And most recently I spent a good six hours sucked into the Food Network.

I may have a problem, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it for the time being!

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