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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tomato Poppers

I got this idea on Pinterest and I threw my own spin on it. What could be better than tomato, basil, and mozzarella?

I washed and deseeded good-sized cherry tomatoes, and turned them upside down on a towel to drain for few minutes.

Then I flipped them hole side up and drizzled balsamic vinegar inside. Then I cut slices of mozzarella into strips and rolled them with fresh, washed basil leaves, and stuck the little roll into the tomato.

I drizzled again with balsamic vinegar and olive oil (about an eighth of a teaspoon each), salted and peppered.

I was lucky to have an even twelve for the serving plate and one to test out. Yum!

It was the perfect nibbler for a casual gathering. The only real work with these is the tomato gutting. Practically painless entertaining... next time I may just make double!


  1. I did a take on these, only I used the little fresh mozzerella pearls, one in each tomato. I wrapped the basil around it then stuffed in the tomato. I drizzled with Creme de balsamic..



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