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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Big Fun Times!

I've been too busy having fun this week to blog!

I had a training out of town on Wednesday, followed by a mini Illinois Adventure to try out Obed & Isaac's finally. That's been on my adventure list for quite some time and I'm glad I finally made it there. They had a cider on tap for me and my companions enjoyed the stout and a dirty blonde, I believe. We all had several, so they must be pretty drinkable.

My companions also enjoyed a dip appetizer that looked good, but I didn't see anything I felt would be gluten free and safe. If I had been there for a meal, there would have been options for me, so maybe I'll need to revisit this adventure!

Thursday I welcomed a friend into her new apartment by graciously drinking there. It was a hot evening in the third floor walk up, but I had a great time. I threw together some tomato poppers and picked up a box of cheddar gluten-free nut crackers so I knew I'd have something to munch on. And my party companion purchased Crispin...a refreshingly light choice that hot evening...for a non-beer drinker. It was a great evening!

After a long day finishing off this crazy pre-event week, we began a (hopefully) new tradition of happy hour pool party! I slipped into my little black cocktail dress swim suit, packed up some snacks and sweet tea vodka, and headed to the pool to catch the last rays of the week.

We enjoyed cocktails and pool time until the sun went down and then we just kept hanging in there. We discovered the pool was even warmer in the cooler night air and so we took advantage of as much of the night as possible. It was a great...late...night.

Saturday was the planned pool day, so after sacking in and making a bountiful breakfast of eggs, bacon, and banana pancakes, I was packing my swim bag again! I knew I'd need to wait at least an hour after that meal before swimming, so I started out slowly with an Alto Vineyard Traminette spritzer. It was light and refreshing for a pool day.

After a cooler night and a clouded sky, the pool wasn't nearly as warm as the evening before, so a lot of time wasn't spent in it. I enjoyed the company and the relaxing afternoon, though. I even got another gluten free Godfather's pizza delivered directly pool side! How lucky am I?

I decided I needed to head home to my couch after that before I passed out in my lounger! And I made it just in the nick of time. I took a long couch nap before packing it in and heading to bed about ten o'clock!

I've had a crazy fun week! Today I really should get the house in order because I have another Illinois Adventure waiting for me this evening in Bloomington. I'm revisiting my college days with a little WWE. I'm sure I'll have more on that later!

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