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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Too Excited To Sleep!

It's getting to be a regular thing for me to stay up too late and get out of bed too late. I feel old admitting I miss the days when I hit the hay before 930. I just don't remember how I ever accomplished that. It seems I can find plenty to do to keep myself busy until the wee hours.
So even today when I was super exhausted by about 10am, here I am still awake and blogging just for the heck of it!
I'm heading out of town this weekend with a bunch of girls on a wine touring exploration. It isn't every day I can skip out of town on my little Peanut, so this is a pretty big deal. My folks are heading south to keep the pooch company all weekend and I'm free as a drunken bird!
I've got so much to wrap up in the next two days, but it will be sooo worth the little getaway. I'm practically too excited to sleep. Practically. As my little heavy eye lids flutter closed...

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