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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lovely, Lovely, And More Lovely!

This whole retro disguised filing cabinet is really taking shape! Today I received my new file boxes from The Container Store (my new favorite thing in the entire universe). It's probably a good thing the delivery guy didn't know I got that excited about filing boxes.

Shortly after, I was en route to my house for a lunch break and to unwrap my goodies. Even though I measured everything carefully and spent a lot of time looking for the best boxes to utilize as much of the interior space as possible, I just had to get them into the cabinet to make sure they would fit.

And voila! Practically perfect.

I'm really excited to get the files out of grocery bags in my closet and get everything back in tip top shape...but obviously not excited enough to get it done today. After a slightly extended work day, I headed straight for my back yard. It was just too beautiful outside!

The yard got cleaned up, the grass mowed, and the plants (and my pants) watered before the sun sunk down. I really need some lounge furniture in my back yard to enjoy it! I've got this beyond brilliant idea to remedy that with regular visits to the Restore. I'm obviously good at falling in love with reasonably priced old school gems (Did I mention the filing boxes cost about $52 MORE than the cabinet?!?). I have high hopes for a dining table ready for an outdoor makeover.

So the filing is slotted for another day. I feel as though there is going to be a lot of editing in the refiling process. I probably should get a good night's sleep to be fully energized for the challenge!

To be continued...

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