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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Tale of Mystery And Intrigue

So my horoscope from today was: Something unusual at work might give you the creeps today, as if you somehow walked on to the set of a bad science fiction movie. Thankfully, you're not frightened, since you don't sense any real danger, but you probably won't get much work done, either. Before you begin your regular tasks, you may need to investigate to see if you can uncover the source of the mystery. Enjoy playing detective without expecting anything fruitful to come of it right away. 

So intriguing! How do they know?

It was early afternoon today when that something unusual occurred. The mail was delivered by our normal mail carrier and was being dispersed by our regular front desk ladies...until one envelope caught the eye as it leaked a powdery white substance.  The question is, what would you do?

My employers played the safe card and treated it according to worse case scenario. Before I knew anything was amiss, I heard the air conditioning powered down, leaving a deafening silence to a practically vacant building. I finished what I was working on and got up to check out the situation. Most everyone was hanging in our front parking lot. Where was I for the evac notice?!? The doors to the mail room were closed to contain whatever the worst case scenario possibilities may be.

I could see several police vehicles and uniformed officers. It was about time I joined the anthrax party outdoors! What was that clingy, chalky feeling in my nose and throat? Paranoia? Perhaps. But I concluded fresh air may be the answer. My co-workers were cavorting with officers, planted on the grassy hillside, and tossing around a ball in the parking lot. All we needed were a few cold beverages and it would practically have been just another company outing.
Photo by Me.
It wasn't too long before the fire truck was rolling in and word of news trucks down the drive started filtering into our quarantine. After much seemingly standing-around-ness, these were the first two hazmat folks to penetrate the deserted  halls of the office to seek out that infamous envelope which had been neatly sealed inside a Ziploc bag and dropped like a hot potato in the mass exodus.

Photo by R. Hall.
They returned with good news, but the wait was still on. I think the hazmat folks were having a high old time in Riverton this afternoon and didn't want to call it quits too quickly. They sent the second wave of hazmat in disguised as the Ghost Busters just to throw off the news cameras watching through the trees. Nice boots boys!
Photo by W. Connelly.
Two waves and over two hours was all it took to determine that the mysterious envelope contained promotional match books. NOTE: matches will be crushed when fed through a mail sorter and the envelope will be damaged. And this may be the quickest and easiest way to shut down an office for an afternoon.

It was nearly five thirty by the time we were cleared to reenter the building. Just in time to shut everything down for the day. I high tailed it home to share my amazing story with Peanut. And I waved to the line of service folks up our drive and the news camera across the street. You will not take us today anthrax! (Cough, cough)

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