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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tending the Garden

So in my selfless way, last weekend I helped my mother weed her garden and stole a whole lot of plants from her! As expected this last week was a whirlwind of abstract busyness.

So after staying out late after work last night at a client event and the big Soho party downtown, I did what any respectable plant thief would do and slept in. I slept like a criminal who knew she had made it across state lines and was safe from scrutiny of unexpected plantlife in the back of her SUV.

After a lazy start and creative cooking considering the empty fridge, I started throwing some of those plants in the ground. I found a little corner in an existing front flower bed for one of the groups of phlox. Hopefully a sunny spot for a few phlox to thrive.

A few more were nestled in between new perennials in the back flower bed. Then I prepared two planters for the tall grasses and a couple impatiens each. The begonias became beautiful hanging baskets, and the rest of the impatiens snuggled in a long planter on the front stoop.

Tomorrow I have the task left of finding homes for about a hundred iris bulbs, digging out a shade flower garden, and mulching. Hopefully I'll snap a good picture or two of my handiwork!

Perhaps this gardener needs to start earlier tomorrow! I'm already at an advantage with a stocked fridge and the weekend alarm set.


  1. When are you coming to LaCrosse? I'd take some iris bulbs!!

  2. Oh they are ALL planted believe it or not!



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