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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Accomplishment

I love it when I finally solve a frustrating puzzle. I had one at work. I needed to come up with a tracking system that had several wild card components. It finally came together just after five today. I put in another hour of double checking my calculations and setting up reports and we're all set to track away.

Things usually come easily to me and when they don't I get frustrated, which inhibits productivity. Sometimes I just need to look at things with a fresh perspective. Sometimes I need to walk away and let my mind mull over the obstacles. I did all that today. I approached the puzzle in a completely different way than I had been and when I had one last snag, I took a short breather and the solution came to me.

I love it when it finally comes together!

Speaking of a breather, though, I had more pain today. It has been just under a week since excruciating pain sent me to the doctor, who gave me a vague nod towards stress as an instigator. I wouldn't say I'm better, but I haven't had that pain again until today. Yikes. I may actually need to follow up with a real doctor. Or get rid of said stress in my life.

At least I have one less project on my to-do list.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Springfield Opening

Life has been busy lately. With the car troubles, rental cars, and a host of health problems descending upon me during tech week I had my hands full. Then my family arrived in town and the pace picked up!

On Friday we all visited New Salem so everyone would know how to get to the theatre and the kids would get a chance to see it. Plus we got to explore every inch of the park. Hot, fun times. We topped off our Friday with a picnic lunch before departing.

Saturday we played at the park and visited the Illinois State Museum. The kids absolutely loved it. They wanted to go back the next day. We squeezed in a visit to Charlie Parkers Sunday before my sister's family took off. My dad facilitated the great couch swap of twenty-twelve..moving my big couch out, new couches in, and the old couch in two trips to a new home. One piece even had to be hoisted over the second floor balcony. Big stories to tell for years to come.

It was marvelous to have my sister's family and my parents in town. They both took turns seeing the play. And both nights were rain free--we didn't get rained out until Sunday. I've never done outdoor theatre before and I have really enjoyed it, but this whole process of throwing an entire show up in the air and having it land in a completely new location actually made me nervous! Me!

Everything went incredibly smoothly and we had beautiful rave revues. I have heard some really wonderful comments and I'm so humbled to be a part of something so great. I really would rather do theatre than just about anything else. I'm so happy to get the chance!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lonely Sunday

I woke early again today (I don't even recognize myself anymore). I made myself a breakfast from the freezer of country sausage, green peppers, and mushrooms. Sort of a scramble without the eggs. And coffee. Luckily I have a bag of super-tasty coffee in the house for my percolator.

After letting breakfast settle, I cracked open the old Saturn owner's manual to tackle this whole checking the transmission transaxle fluid chore. There was no dipstick. Usually I'm pretty good at finding dipsticks, but not so much under the hood. No dipstick to be seen.

Luckily I had several offers for help and before too long I had another pair of eyes searching for my dipstick. She could not find it either. So she used her brute strength to push my Vue out of the driveway, into the street. She followed me to the transaxle repair store and I dropped my baby off for an early morning service.

I convinced my escort to take me to the grocery store on our way home, so I even scored something to eat for the rest of the weekend. But I returned home alone. I keep looking out at the empty driveway. Sadness.

With my house in order, no where to go, nothing to buy, and no money to buy it with... I decided to keep myself occupied with cooking. I tried gluten free dinner rolls. Although I don't think they rose properly, they were still pretty damn tasty.

I found a round steak in the quick sale section of the meat department, so I finally tried a sesame beef stir fry recipe I pinned many moons ago. This was my first use of the coconut aminos (with garlic and ginger). Pretty much can't go wrong there. I ended up doubling the sauce and added arrowroot powder to thicken.

Meanwhile, I pulsed a whole head of cauliflower in my Ninja to create "rice" and microwaved it to a tender deliciousness. It was just a few days ago that I was drooling over a co-worker's Chinese food, so this treat was a long time coming. And the best news is that with no rice and no crap in it, I can breathe after dinner and don't feel all bloaty and yucky. Yay!

So now Peanut and I are watching movies. Really Peanut does his own thing and I talk to him from time to time. Sometimes he wakes up and looks at me. It turned out to be a fairly nice low key lonely Sunday.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What A Day

I started out at the park early with rehearsal under the hot, hot sun. I made it home, but couldn't back into the driveway. I thought perhaps a tire issue or something in the road. I swung around and pulled in face first. After exiting the car and a quick sweep around the vehicle, I didn't see any tire issues. I went inside to tackle the rest of my day.

After a few hours my house was in tip top shape. Almost all my clothes are clean, the rugs washed, the floors vacuumed and mopped, sinks cleaned, and dust dusted. I actually sat down to cross things off the list I made yesterday to realize I had already done everything on the list.

So I pulled out those shelves I've had sitting in the basement for well over a year and applied the first coat of varnish. They are so pretty and shiny and really remind me of the old wood work in my Wisconsin house. They are going to be fabulous. That is where my project day ended.

I thought I could run to the store to pick up a few staples....if I could back out of the driveway. Well, I could not. And when I got out of the car there was a burny type smell. After a google search, I headed back out to the car to get the owner's manual and look up how to check the transmission fluid. Is that the same as transaxle? Anyhow, you have to do this procedure with the engine running. Do you have any idea how much this thought freaks me out?

So that is just the beginning. What if I need a new transmission. AKA a new car? Where the hell is that money coming from? And then if I'm lucky enough to only need a little transmission fluid, how do I get it? Walk? I really want to give up today.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Home Fun

Well, no state fair for me. No complimentary concert tickets presented themselves and I sure as hell am not paying to get in. I'm a spoiled media person. I don't pay for that sort of thing. Let's be honest... I'm not paying for anything until payday.

So with a beautiful evening in front of me and a few brats defrosting from my freezer, the grill and my new patio table was calling my name. I prepared brats, sauerkraut, and some frozen veggies and enjoyed them at my new table in the backyard followed by a leisurely perusal of the Illinois Times.

After dinner I tackled a few cleaning projects quickly before my motivation faded. Then after sinking into my old sofa (I'm enjoying our last days together), I compiled a list for the rest of the weekend's cleaning and project extravaganza.

Tomorrow is going to start early with another morning rehearsal out at the park. (I'm going to take sun screen this time!) But that means I'll be up and motivated and ready to tackle life when I get home. I've got to whip this house into shape before the craziness of tech week is upon me. I can do it!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'm looking forward to a little vacation from rehearsal tomorrow night. This weekend is my last one with a little time off for awhile. I still have a morning rehearsal, but I found out I don't have a tech on Sunday. That means any of those state fair concerts over the weekend would fit right into my schedule if the opportunity presents itself.

Next week is going to be crazy with tech week and my family coming in from Wisconsin to occupy my non-theatre time. I'm so looking forward to seeing them, though. And my new couch. Did I mention that new couch is on the way? I was hoping to have the money to actually pay for it by the time it is delivered, but there is always some sort of financial emergency that keeps me from reaching a financial adulthood.

You ever want to just give up? I keep thinking if the Mayans were right, it's been one hell of a crazy last year. (Is it wrong to hope for the end of the world?) Maybe I just need a little vacation.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I had another really long day. How can everyday blah ditty blah be so hard to deal with? It isn't like I'm an air traffic controller for cryin' out loud. I work on Word documents, make copies, organize things, make things pretty. Seriously... I'm a slacker. But I usually slack the shit out of my day.

But as the day dragged on, my mood limbo-ed lower than I would expect. By rehearsal out at the park, I was practically useless. I stumbled over my lines and didn't have the concentration to develop my character in the least. Luckily we still have a week and a half left to work on that. I'll get there. I can feel confident in those ticket purchases!

On the way home following the token speed-limit driver from Petersburg (I swear to god... every damn night!), then following the below-the-speed-limit drivers on Veterans (I swear to god... every time I try to go anywhere!), I was considering what and how much I should drink when I got home.

Due to a nearly empty fridge, I couldn't be too picky. I pulled out a leftover bottle of wine from my Southern Illinois Wine Tour. You may wonder why I have a bottle of wine in the house as I have a hard time collecting wine without drinking it. Well, it's white. And the other day when I cracked open the bottle to compliment a lovely chicken and veggie pasta alfredo I was disappointed. So, it's been open a few days, but apparently it has mellowed (or I've reached a new wine low). It is completely drinkable and it sure is doing the trick.

I'm much less crabby. I'm much less concerned about being sad. And I'm much closer to lights out. Let's do this.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blue Bayou

I've been blue. Feeling low on several fronts and looking for that toe hold in the burger industry I've heard so much about.

I need an extra Peanut hug and I'm counting down the days for my Wisconsin visitors heading this way for the big  play. I just love how your family has to care about you. I'm lucky to have them!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beautiful Weekend

I started my weekend early. I had rehearsal Saturday morning, so it motivated me to get up and get moving. I tried my hand at a coconut flour english muffin recipe. Which turned out just fine enough to share the plate with my eggs and later in the day delivered a good opportunity for a sandwich (which I haven't had in forever). However, when I think english muffin, I do not think garlic and cheese. I would like to find a gluten free english muffin recipe that would be perfect toasted and topped with almond butter. Now that would be divine.

Rehearsal went swimmingly under the hot, hot sun. Thank goodness for the breeze! Next Saturday I'll have to remember to bring sunscreen! The show is really coming along, though. I'm looking forward to putting it all together.

As I headed back into town, I passed the Restore and remembered my quest for a new patio table. I had to pop in. There were no tables. So I continued on my way to a rummage sale. Also no tables. By this point I was feeling fancy and had a little Illinois Adventure spirit under my skin. I hit the open road south to an antique store I have frequented a few times. As a matter of fact, I was thinking I have found quite a few treasures each time I've gone there. 

I always think of something to look for. You kind of have to in an antique store. It gives you the power to skim and not get bogged down with all the stuff! So I decided to look for golden yellow accessories to go with my new goldenrod sofa which is heading this way in a matter of no time. I saw several lovely yellow bowls. But because I couldn't figure out what to put in them or use them for, I passed them by. I don't need more stuff for the sake of stuff. I need things that also serve a function.

So, why I ask you, did I purchase the small yellow block wall art? It didn't fit into my plan. I have no available wall real estate in my home. I got home and tried it out in place of several things and it doesn't work. I love it, but I have nowhere to put it. Luckily it was only two dollars, but still. I've got to remember to stick to the plan! I cannot buy something for my home unless I know what I'm going to use it for and know where it is going to go. 

But luckily, with my eyes open for yellow, I happened to notice this beauty...
It was halfway covered with things, but it had a price tag on it. (That means it's for sale!) I had a place for this (as you can see). It wasn't what I had in mind. I thought I would be buying a table to refurbish for outdoor use. And this was actually designed to be a patio table. Go figure, right? Well, it's right down my cup of tea anyhow. Now I've got to find chairs and an umbrella. Maybe a good end of season sale is in my future!

I completed my Saturday with beautifying the yard (for the background in the picture). I cleaned up the yard, trimmed all the hedges (and my electrical cord...again), raked, and mowed. I never knew brown grass could look so tip top. I can't wait to have my own private cookout in my brand new backyard space.

After a much less active Sunday and a little pool time, I'm almost recharged and ready for a new week. Wish me luck holding onto that feeling.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Beautiful Night, Everyone's Polite

I began my morning by attempting to get my press pass from the state fair. I quickly gave up when I saw the gate I knew to get me close to the media office locked up. See I had gotten lost in the state fair on Tuesday morning when I had planned to get my press pass. After I finally found the damn office, their computer was down and they sent me packing. I found the quickest way out and made a mental note of how to get back in. A lot of good that did me this morning with the locked gate.

So a little later in the day... actually very late in the afternoon as my lunch was severely delayed. My blood sugar was low low low. I hit up the closest food source for a chicken salad that I practically inhaled. And as my brain began to function again, I remembered I had to pick up a few things. It occurred to me I could drop them at home then try the impenetrable state fair again.

More frustration. Needless to say I did not get my press pass. It may be that I won't be state fairing this year. We will see about that. So with my state fair frustration level at an all time high, I fought the out-of-town traffic all the way home. I stepped on the gas a little each time I saw a stupid fair goer trying to cross the street in front of me. Didn't they know I just wanted to get home? I even cursed out an emergency vehicle after I had pulled off the road and it turned off the sirens and turned down a side street.

I obviously needed a little down time. I opened all the windows wide and let the glorious breeze sweep through the house. I heated up my leftover grilled brat (almost like eating fair food) and Peanut and I enjoyed a little porch time. It would have been absolutely perfect if it weren't for all the damn pedestrian and auto traffic on my street due to the damn fair.

A walk in the park. That is just what I needed. I locked up the house and put Peanut down for a nap and headed out the back door towards the park. It's been awhile since I've enjoyed a walk in the park. It has really dried up since then! It was a long walk in the park. Meaning that I was so slow. Similar to the feeling of walking through water. But I really enjoyed the lovely weather and a little time out in nature. Even if I could still hear the damn state fair noise.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back On Track

I've been eating junk. And a lot of it. I don't know if I can pull off a Whole30 during the fair and back to back shows, but I'm ready to get back on track.

I feel like a few days of clean eating maybe enough to get me to cut out the crap and amp up the nutrient value. I think I really need it! I'm going to need all the energy I can get heading into the final weeks of rehearsal.

I've also discovered recently that something other than gluten is giving me gluteny side effects and I think it's rice. I have been purchasing much more of the pre-packaged gluten free items and most of them contain rice flour. I need to cut that out to find out if my airways clear up. I miss the joy of being able to breathe.

I've got to pull this derailed train back on the tracks! Wish me luck. Oh and happy state fair to all!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Magical Almost Story

On my way home from rehearsal tonight I had this wonderful story playing in my head about the magical first rehearsal under the stars.

Now it's all gone. And that, my folks, is why I haven't been blogging.


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