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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Springfield Opening

Life has been busy lately. With the car troubles, rental cars, and a host of health problems descending upon me during tech week I had my hands full. Then my family arrived in town and the pace picked up!

On Friday we all visited New Salem so everyone would know how to get to the theatre and the kids would get a chance to see it. Plus we got to explore every inch of the park. Hot, fun times. We topped off our Friday with a picnic lunch before departing.

Saturday we played at the park and visited the Illinois State Museum. The kids absolutely loved it. They wanted to go back the next day. We squeezed in a visit to Charlie Parkers Sunday before my sister's family took off. My dad facilitated the great couch swap of twenty-twelve..moving my big couch out, new couches in, and the old couch in two trips to a new home. One piece even had to be hoisted over the second floor balcony. Big stories to tell for years to come.

It was marvelous to have my sister's family and my parents in town. They both took turns seeing the play. And both nights were rain free--we didn't get rained out until Sunday. I've never done outdoor theatre before and I have really enjoyed it, but this whole process of throwing an entire show up in the air and having it land in a completely new location actually made me nervous! Me!

Everything went incredibly smoothly and we had beautiful rave revues. I have heard some really wonderful comments and I'm so humbled to be a part of something so great. I really would rather do theatre than just about anything else. I'm so happy to get the chance!

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