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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

I finally found a place to hang that yellow thing. I found it at an antique store when looking for living room decorations, but couldn't find wall space for it. It's been living in my bedroom on a shelf and I've grown fond of it in there, but it didn't belong on the shelf.

As I was gazing at these old floral tiles my mother gave me, I realized they might  work with the other small decoration. And then two weeks later I decided to finally hang them on my wall. I'm thinking it works.

This little corner in my bedroom may have been the last expanse of free wall space in my house. But you never know where else I can squeeze something in! I did find a little spot in the dining room that needed a little something as well.

And really, these three new floral pieces go well with my impressionistic roses, the gigantic inky, floral painting across the room, and the three panels of blossoms over my bed. Even the pictures I have in my bedroom are outdoorsy. For some reason I've gathered all these natural elements in the room where I desire the most calm. Well done.

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