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Sunday, September 2, 2012


The set has come down. Costumes tossed in the wash. Make-up cleaned and stowed away for next time. It's hard to believe a journey that began last February in a crowded church hallway has come to an end. I invested a lot of time in that hallway waiting for my ten minutes in the audition room. Once cast in To Kill A Mockingbird, I waited and waited for summer to come and rehearsals to begin!

The last month and a half I have gone through a lot personally and it was the show that was my shining beacon. At Wednesday's pick up rehearsal I was sick, sick, sick. Miserable. As the actors quickly ran through blocking and lines without the emotional commitment it takes to put on a show, things (as they usually do at a pick up rehearsal), turned goofy. It really makes sense if you think about it. It feels silly just going through the motions. I so wished I felt well enough to join in on the fun. And by the end of the night I was feeling considerably better.

After the last week and a half of seriously poor health and a pretty bad day today, I was hoping for the opportunity to pull off a stellar closing show. This evening I arrived at the theatre, having forgotten to take my medicine and feeling yucky, but I began the process of getting ready despite that. By the time my costume was on and makeup applied I was already feeling better. Waiting outside the back door of the indoor theatre moments before show time, I paused to reflect on how much theatre has a calming, healing effect on me. If only the rest of my life made as much sense!

I will never forget this time of my life and I'm glad To Kill A Mockingbird and the people of Maycomb are forever woven into it. It was such a special time and a great group of people to work with. I'll always look upon this tired old town we created at Theatre in the Park with fondness. Thank you all for helping me through. I miss it already!

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