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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Learning To Let Go

Do normal people actually get to a point where they feel they have mastered this? So far I've found it to be a life-long miserable failure. An exercise in futility.

It of course doesn't help that given any situation, I will always make the wrong decision. Again... I feel like normal people learn to eventually choose wisely.

I've been feeling a lot lately like I belong in a home. Somewhere where people have to take care of me. I'm super special and I just feel like I need constant care. Someone to take care of all the adult responsibilities for me. Someone to decide what I should eat for dinner and what medications I should take.

I could paint. I haven't painted... I mean something other than walls...since I moved to Springfield. I could paint and basket weave and stay out of everyone's hair. Promise. I'd be real good. And I'd practice this letting go thing every day. Maybe I'd learn how to feel better.


  1. I love you. I'd take care of you.

  2. I failed you last week, but I am here if there is anything that you need. I started a new quilting project last weekend and it felt so awesome to be doing it again. Go and pull out your paint brushes and let your creative positive energy flow!



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