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Monday, September 3, 2012

Vintage Decorating

One of my Mockingbird castmates had a brilliant idea. She suggested I find vintage fabric to turn into pillows for my new old sofa. I have never really considered this before, but it's right up my alley! I've been looking and looking for pillows for years and I never seem to find anything that is my style at a price I'm willing to pay. Why the hell are pillows so expensive?!?

So about two point two minutes later, my mind started churning with ideas. I squeaked in an hour at my local antique shop yesterday and stumbled upon this beautiful table cloth for $8.95! It is a heavy, textured fabric I figured would work perfectly for sofa pillows. I also thought it would be the perfect yellow to compliment my new sofa.

After comparing it at home, I was a little disappointed that it was much lighter and brighter than the sofa. Sitting on my new couch I noticed the plain white desk chair across the room. I've previously recovered the seat of this chair several times, so I knew it would be an easy project. And from across the room I thought the yellow would compliment the sofa without looking like it didn't match.

I was right! It looks great and gives a little pop of yellow on the other side of the room! And after a night to sleep on it, I came to terms with the fact that I could make pillows out of this fabric and keep looking for more to coordinate (and tie in the reds of the rest of my house). I could end up with a whole couch of pillows and then who cares if one is lighter yellow?

So I went shopping in my basement for old pillows that no longer match anything in my house. I found these lovely little button pillows. I removed the center buttons, measured out four circles, and cut out two strips for the edging. I put the right side of the fabric on the front and back and the reverse side out on the edging. I absolutely love it! I squished the pillows inside and hand stitched the small openings closed. I still can't decide  if I want to do buttons at all. I'm going to sleep on it for a day or two.

And here are my two new pillows with my one old one on the darker golden sofa. I could use a dozen more! I have three more square pillows and two more button pillows in the basement. The trick will be hunting down more fabric. I can't wait to tackle that challenge! Now this has got me thinking about new curtains too... What a productive project labor day!

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