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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Fresh Start

It's already been a long, long winter. Heck, it was a long fall leading into a long winter. Life has been challenging and my health has fallen by the wayside. Time to get back on track with a Whole30. I was supposed to start at the beginning of January, so I guess better late than never.

I've been struggling with daily sneezing and congestion again and this time I fear it is linked to the cheese I still consume with blatant disregard for what my body tells me. I come from Wisconsin. Cheese is practically in my blood. And it's one of the trickiest things to give up (there was a time when I said that about gluten products, so I guess there is hope).

I'm hoping for an all over detox that will get me breathing freely again and then not reversing the progress once I've completed my thirty days. I'm working on cleaning out my kitchen tonight. Eating corn pasta, freezing and drinking wine, and savoring every last piece of this delectable smoked Gouda. Oh yes.

I also cooked up a gigantic pot of vegetable soup that I hope will get me through the week. I'm a little nervous because I have three full days in training where I can't fully control the food I have access to. I'm battling that with bringing along several safe foods and hoping for the best. I'll get through this one day at a time. I've been living my life on that scale lately anyhow. I'm hoping that the food won't provide any additional challenges to my day. Wish me luck!

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