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Friday, January 18, 2013

Crab Monster Is Back!

Oh boy. Day five left me REALLY crabby.

I worked late last night, which meant dinner was late, and subsequently I stayed up too late. So it goes. 

So today I started off tired. I had a blueberry and coconut cream crepe for breakfast which probably didn't deliver as much protein as my normal egg breakfast. Work was busy, which means lunch was late. 

Busy, busy, busy, followed by I don't have what I need to do my job, which is frustrating beyond all reason. Fast forward to high tailing it out of work at 5:01 to road rage my way home to Peanut and a little snuggle. Ahhhh.

Tonight I prepared sweet potato steak fries with ketchup, Brussels sprouts and mushrooms sauteed with garlic, and a gigantic sirloin steak. The only thing missing was red wine. I made up for that with pineapple upside down cake inside out muffins. (No sugar and the pineapple mixed into the batter for sweetness.) 

I think I'm wound down enough to not be as crabby about having to work all weekend. We will see how that goes over with my tomorrow self.

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