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Monday, January 14, 2013

Double Day 1

So Day 1 of my Whole 30 was also day one of an intensive three-day sales training.

I began my day earlier than I like, but managed to perk a pot of coffee and fry an egg over easy in coconut oil to top my leftover sweet potato hash. Before rushing out the door at quarter to seven I even shook up a little oil and coconut milk in my coffee. Yum! Oh, and I had a fruit smoothie. I know it's only sugar, but with the rampant flu, I'm trying to vitamin c up and I was nervous about making it through the day sitting in a training room.

Mission accomplished. I made it through to lunch with no problem. Lunch was provided at the hotel. I had a salad which was only comprised of iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and lunch meat (after removing the cheese). I had forgotten the safe salad dressing I had prepared at home in my fridge, so I used a little of the oil-based one provided. I definitely won't be doing that tomorrow. Either the salad dressing or the meat contained gluten and I was stuffy all afternoon.

After the pathetic lunch, I high-tailed it home to grab something from my kitchen to help sustain me through the afternoon. I supplemented with a piece of leftover almond flour bread. Did it have honey in it? I can't remember. Probably. Tomorrow I need to plan for something better. I'm considering cooking my own chicken and bringing that along with actual vegetables.

Tonight I tackled the backlog of email from being away from the office all day and got a late start to dinner. So I heated a cup of vegetable soup to tide me over while preparing actual dinner. Did I mention that I just realized the chicken broth contains sugar? And I think soy too. Harumph. I'm out of practice for scrutinizing labels!

The soup did take the edge off the hunger long enough for me to bake up sweet potato fries and almond flour coated chicken tenders. I almost forgot that I have to actually make the ketchup myself. Did I mention I'm out of practice? I really want a cocktail! So I'm enjoying a sparkling water. Ahhh... just as refreshing.

With a little more preparation and carefulness, I think I can tackle Day 2. In other news, sales training was not nearly as horrifying as I feared it would be. I can do this!

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