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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fantastic Find!

After clocking out at work today I stopped by the neighborhood antique mart. The parking lot was jam packed and I felt apprehensive about tackling all the narrow aisles with so many people. I began by cruising through the first level and breezing by crowded areas. I thought perhaps I would do two levels.

But once I was on the second level, I thought I might as well go all the way and I hiked the last flight of stairs to the third floor. Sometimes it feels like an attic junk pile up there. Today was no different. I saw a glimpse of a yellow floral fabric crumpled on the floor beneath a table. I moved in for a closer look.

It was a super heavy fabric, lined, and edged with a yarn tassel. I thought it would go perfectly with my goldenrod sofas. I stretched out the fabric on the floor to find the price tag. It was marked as a furniture cover. $3. For three dollars, I thought I better take a closer look to make sure it wasn't damaged or stained. It looked really good and from the size I thought I could make two curtain panels from it.
Here it is covering my furniture. Just for a little color match. It wasn't staying in one piece for very long. I cut it in half lengthwise and then hacked a couple feet from the top to get a good panel length. Then I ironed and pinned hems and whipped out the sewing machine to stitch them up. I hung them to test...
Beautiful. I wish the pattern of the fabric showed up better. The good news is that I think there is enough left to cover my chair as well. It has been on a long-term to-do list. It's a project that probably won't take that much fabric, but I'm nervous about the time and stress that may be involved with removing the existing fabric to use as a template for the new upholstery. But now I'm excited to try.

I find it humorous that I'm matching the chair to the drapes because it is currently covered in upholstery to match my grandmother's old drapes because she did the same thing. It gives me warm fuzzies. And it will give me greater joy freshened up. Hopefully I can still tackle that project this weekend and get closer pictures of the fabric and my glorious upholstery success. *fingers crossed*

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