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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I'm a little jealous of all the folks who started their Whole 30 on time and are halfway through! But today went a lot more smoothly for me, so that is good.

I did hit a low before dinner when I was too hungry to think. Luckily I've learned to eat something to get my head clear and then decide on the healthy dinner I'm going to prepare.

Tonight it was cauliflower "bread sticks" and zucchini lasagna. The cauliflower did not turn out to be anything close to sticks, but the cauliflower rice did TASTE like bread sticks. And I've made headway in the great zucchini lasagna experiment. I've figured out how to slice my zucchini thin like lasagna noodles. This time I didn't attempt to salt the water out, but instead used only tomato paste and allowed it to turn into sauce as the zucchini seeped water while cooking. I enjoyed the addition of chopped mushrooms in the ground sirloin mixture, but thought Italian sausage would be a better flavor option. I learn something new every day!

And speaking of which, I survived my second consecutive day of training without my brain exploding. As a reward, I made this dairy free chocolate mouse tonight. ( Absolutely Devine! Bring on Day 3!

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