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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tip Top Shape

Although I haven't done anything yet, I spent the weekend flexing my event coordinator muscles.

I spent a lot of time Saturday cleaning around the house while I procrastinated going to work. But once I got there the time just flew by. I puzzled over an expo layout and laid some groundwork to wrap everything up today.

Today at work, again the time just flew by and everything went fairly smoothly. I was happy to head home a little after five knowing that everything was in place to make this event week run smoothly.

And I was even happier to know I had chicken thighs defrosting in the fridge for a wild riceless Chicken Wild Rice Soup. Add almond flour dinner rolls and South Pacific and you have a lovely Sunday evening at home with Peanut.

It would have been practically perfect if it weren't for an explosion of soup in my kitchen. But it did make me glad I hadn't yet washed the floor after the first explosion in my kitchen this weekend. We're in tip top shape now and ready for a new week!

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