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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Totally Forgot About French Fries

So all in all it was a good Day 18.

I had a harder time waking up this morning and was tired throughout the day, but I want to blame that on the weather. It's just plain hibernation weather is all.

It was a busy day at work, but my mood was good. I even put in an extra hour after hours to do some of my work since it seems I'm on an indefinite covering for lack of employees schedule during normal business hours. Super fun.

I started to feel some signs of sickies this afternoon and by the time I was checking out at the grocery store this evening, I felt so yucky I wasn't sure I'd be able to eat anything. I solved that dilemma by just beginning dinner preparations and hoping for the best. 

Bacon burger salad with sweet potato fries helped cure me. I believe bacon could cure anything. 

After dinner, I started to remove the fabric from my chair to be reupholstered. Last night I removed the fabric tacks and tonight the trickier little tacks hidden underneath.  I need to do a little research because I'd like to replace the stuffing and firm up the structure before putting it all back together. I foresee a busy weekend around the house!

But the craziest part of my day was when I smelled French fries in the office. It was like I was smelling that delightfulness for the first time. I haven't been out anywhere during this whole 30 and so I haven't gotten a whiff of fries in ages. And I seriously heart potatoes. Almost instantly my pulse quickened and I had a crazy impulse to go all Date With An Angel on those fries. I guess that food addiction isn't quite gone yet.

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