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Friday, March 8, 2013

Black and White and Coca Cola Red

I've been working on a Coca Cola kitchen for many years now. It actually all started twelve or thirteen years ago when I decided that I'd finally bring a black and white checkered theme to my kitchen and bring in the reds of Coca Cola.

At the time I worked for a catalog company where I was able to order the most spectacular stained glass Coca Cola  hanging lamp. It was the centerpiece of the kitchen and hasn't been used since I moved out of that house.

The next house of mine was built in the 60s and really lent itself to my retro themed blood. The lamp didn't have a place, but my Coca Cola collection had room to grow. I even finally got my black and white checkered floor I'd always dreamed of.

Moving to Springfield was a spacial challenge. I needed to stack the walls with shelves to accommodate my collection...and add a bit of function to the tiny space. I also really enjoyed the Coca Cola prints in place of a back splash. time around it would be handy to have more wall space...and a place to finally hang that stained glass lamp again!

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