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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Moving Forward

I'm cleaning house and taking names!

I took a haul to the local resale establishment last week and got $15 on the books. With that in mind, I'm thinking there is more hiding away in drawers and cupboards and the basement that has dollar signs written all over it. I'm going to go through every darn nook and cranny and find them all.

I cleaned out my back basement storage room last night. It's amazing how quickly it goes once you roll up your sleeves and get right in there. I've got a lot of work to do, but nothing but time on my hands to get it done!

It's nice to have a goal to focus on other than what's for dinner. Especially considering I'm running out of Cooker Bee steam. I keep trying out a lemon poppy seed coconut flour pancake recipe and keep getting less than stellar results. It's bringing me down! I'm feeling it's time to bring back some old favorites, revamped for my current lifestyle. Hopefully this will yield more positive kitchen results as I move forward.

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