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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Busy Crafty Bee

Today in between rolls of the word dice with my mom, I managed to tackle a crafty project.

I purchased this green wool blanket from Goodwill last week for $6.99. It has a floral pattern on one side in a light bluey tealy color. I thought it would be a perfect porch blanky, but it was full size and I probably only need a throw size.

So this morning I looked up throw blanket sizes on my favorite bedding catalogue site and chopped 50 inches off the end of my blanket. I ripped the stitching out on the edging and began to edge with the new contrasting colored blanket binding. I ran out. When I purchased it yesterday I had no idea what size throw I would make and it appears I'll need another package to finish that project. Set aside.

I took the other 40 inches of the blanket and cut two 20 inch shams from it. I had this idea to use the old blanket edging to line the back opening (pictured on the right) and I LOVE it! It's a nod to where the sham originated. This is already proving to be $6.99 well spent and I'm not done yet!

With the success of the large sham design, I tackled a smaller one for my smallest niece. I cut the pieces and pinned them together before I remembered the piping. Oh for crying out loud! I separated the pieces and spent the next hour working on that piping. I may never do piping again. It was a lot of work! Although I'm super happy with the little super cute pillow now that it's completed.

The best news is I still have fabric left for one more pillow when I have a little more steam left in the creative engine. That piping did me in for today! Tomorrow I'll pick up more blanket binding and I'll have plenty left to work on. I plan to get every penny's worth from that blanket!



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