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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Conclusion Of A Repurposed Blanket

Oh-kay... Change of plans.

I hit up the fabric store today to find they didn't have another package of the Blue Haze colored blanket binding. So instead I picked up two packages of the brighter blue, two packages of matching piping, two cushions, and two packages of these fancy buttons.

Once home, I disassembled the binding I already had pinned and attached the new binding. Just an hour of fancy stitching and I was ready to snuggle up under my new super warm wool throw. It took a great deal of effort to cast aside the blanky for more sewing.

It occurred to me last night that I could use the remaining square of blanket wool to create two chair cushions for my bistro set. I have been looking for cushions that suit me and fit the chairs for about three years. All of a sudden I have the perfect fabric and as it turns out... exactly the right amount left for this one last project.

I wanted to add the piping to tie the pieces together and give a slightly different look than the pillow shams. (You didn't really think I'd give up piping after just learning this trick, did you?) These were a little less stressful now that I'm practically a professional piper. And I'm so happy with the results!

I trimmed a couple one inch foam pads slightly to fit and stitched them in. But the real gems are the buttons I covered with matching blanket binding. I'm in love with all these new tricks I'm learning!

It's almost a shame all these delights are getting boxed up and heading into storage. Luckily there is an open box from whence two 20 inch pillow forms emerged. They'll stay warm in the basement in their new wool shams while they wait, but I hope their new porch home arrives sooner than later!

And now that the blanket is gone, I feel I need to find another!

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