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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Unsettled Settling

Everything has been up in the air and it seems I haven't been keeping up with it all! In March I made the decision to move back to Wisconsin and spent a week packing up the house.

I packed a truck load (actually my personal master packnician-my dad-packed the truck. I was just manual labor) and headed to Wisconsin in time to audition for the final show of the community theatre season.

I spent that first week painting my new digs and finding places for the things I had brought by displacing my parents' things. I repayed them by organizing their closets although I'm not sure if they enjoyed that as much as I did. I still have plenty of work to do in the deep dark depths of their closets, but all my stuff is squeezed in.

I spent a little time babysitting for the nieces and visiting with my sister and did not get cast in the big show. Probably for the best. I have plenty of things to do around here! And I'm still planning to return to Springfield for a staged reading of the show I was in last fall. It's coming up fast and I'm really looking forward to it!

So I traveled back to Springfield at the end of the month for the final move. I was so lucky to have the help of my folks and a few friends who volunteered their Saturday morning to help me clear out the house. I visited with a few more friends at a local establishment and said my goodbyes (shockingly there were even a few hugs). 

My Mother pictured in front of my dad's packing handiwork.
And here I am back in the land of snow and cold...even though it's supposed to be Spring. I'm taking it easy while looking for a local job, but I've got creative energy that needs to be directed towards something productive. So this is where I've come to...settling in and feeling unsettled at the same time.

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  1. Hopefully you got some of your creative juices flowing with the quick chair cover for Magoo. It looks lovely. You're lovely.



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