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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Last week I had the pleasure of gallivanting around Wisconsin with Blondy since she had the week off. Turns out she had never been to a winery, so I intended to set her straight.

We took an entire day for a wine tour loop. We started out at 8am with the first sip scheduled for 10am when Weggy Winery was opening their doors for the day near Richland Center. We discovered the pronunciation is not what you may think. What was it? Cannot remember, but thanks for asking.

We traveled on to Mt. Horeb and soaked in a little of the downtown culture over lunch. This timed us perfectly to arrive at Fisher King Winery as they were opening their doors at 1 (turns out I'm good at planning things). We really enjoyed the wine bar atmosphere here and the friendly lady pouring our tastings. We enjoyed a glass and purchased several bottles for the road...uh...home.

Our GPS gave us a little trouble out on the country roads, but we were able to stay relatively on course and arrived at Wollersheim Winery in Prairie du Sac in time for the last tour of the day. I'd highly recommend it. They really cover all the bases. Our only disappointment was not having access to the cave, but understand it may be open this summer after a renovation. I'm already booking my return trip!

Blondy and I stocked up on more wine and captured a lovely photographic memory of our wonderful wine tour day. You can see the main building in the background.

On Saturday we toured a pluthera of Wisconsin wines all from our backyard. And by backyard I mean the Oktoberfest grounds for Between the Bluffs Beer, Wine, and Cheese Fest. Some people also sampled beer, but I didn't find any of the gluten free variety. I reminisced about sampling the stouts, though. The memories are almost as good as the real thing. Almost.

The sampling glasses this year were lovely-miniature beer glasses. They will be a nice addition to the collection. The only thing missing was cheese. I only had one cheese sample. Come to think of it, cheese was missing from our Wisconsin Adventure Wine Day too. Perhaps Illinois rubbed off on this Wisconsin gal? Naw.

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