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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project Pile Up

All of a sudden I'm feeling inspired! Which means my mind is coming up with projects faster than I can complete them. I'm thinking it should be the new normal because I can jump in with a secondary project during in between stages on the when waiting for paint to dry.

Today I finally attempted to drill out my milk glass treasures in preparation for lamp kits. The glass and tile drill bit was not doing the trick and so after a supply run in the city I was well on my way to lamp making professional with a diamond core drill bit. I'm so proud of that hole in the bottom for the cord! This lamp has been reassembled and is currently in the primary stages of painting. I cannot wait for the final reveal!

While my primer was drying, I began to disassemble Blondy's boudoir chair. It's in rough shape after a previous reupholstery attempt. I discovered a few key pieces missing inside, but was also pleased to discover the original fabric left under the new fabric on the seat and also button holes on the back piece of foam. There is going to be lovely detail on the finished piece!

I performed quite the sanding number on the frame due to a drippy paint job and then finished it off with a TSP cleaner to take care of any glossiness leftover. The frame is sturdy, but I needed wood filler to patch holes from rogue staples. The fun with this chair is figuring out how it is supposed to go back together, and by jove, I think I've got it!

I disassembled the seat upholstery and began cutting out new fabric using the old as a template. I can't wait to work out all the pieces and start the assembly process. I will be able to handle that between coats of paint tomorrow on the chair and my lamp. 

At the end of the evening I even began a third project...another chair. But it needs serious attention to loose joints. Maybe I can squeeze that into the rest of the pile up tomorrow!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Nearly New Laundry

So my folks finally went out of town for the weekend and I was able to tackle the poorly organized laundry closet. This included taking down the old mismatched cabinets, painting the walls, and hanging shelves more suited to the space available. 

I found an awesome deal on the shelves because they all have slight imperfections and they weren't finished on the edges. I had to buy the edging separately and as it turned out, I couldn't get it to stick and it was too wide anyhow, which would have required trimming. I decided that a lovely ribbon would make a fancy edging. I picked some up today.

So after my patching and paint had dried, I was ready to tackle the painstaking task of measuring and marking for the brackets. This quickly turned into a nightmare as the zinc plated wood screws I purchased became stripped one by one or just snapped off. I finally got all the shelves up by about 2am last night and realized I needed more clearance for the bottom shelf. I definitely didn't have enough steam left to fight with those screws again, so I hit the hay instead.

When I got up today I crawled back up on the washer and dryer to remove the one shelf to reposition. In the process I replaced all the screws on the other shelves. It just made me feel better about the strength of the shelves with the stronger screws. 

I was finally ready to start loading the china and glassware back onto the shelves. I finished about ten minutes before my folks arrived back home. I had intended to have everything completed, but what can you do?

I still wanted to hang a curtain to protect the china and glassware from dust. Of course I have that ribbon edging to do. I also picked up a hook to hang the dryer lint thingy and picked up a new light switch plate cover.

After coming up short at the local stores, I was planning to look online for a drying rack for hanging shirts and a retractable clothesline. Why are these not available in stores? Frustrating. Should be the name of this post. Frustrating Failures. 

I kinda thought it would be great to better utilize the storage space, protect the china, and make it more functional, buy what do I know? 


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