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Monday, May 20, 2013

Nearly New Laundry

So my folks finally went out of town for the weekend and I was able to tackle the poorly organized laundry closet. This included taking down the old mismatched cabinets, painting the walls, and hanging shelves more suited to the space available. 

I found an awesome deal on the shelves because they all have slight imperfections and they weren't finished on the edges. I had to buy the edging separately and as it turned out, I couldn't get it to stick and it was too wide anyhow, which would have required trimming. I decided that a lovely ribbon would make a fancy edging. I picked some up today.

So after my patching and paint had dried, I was ready to tackle the painstaking task of measuring and marking for the brackets. This quickly turned into a nightmare as the zinc plated wood screws I purchased became stripped one by one or just snapped off. I finally got all the shelves up by about 2am last night and realized I needed more clearance for the bottom shelf. I definitely didn't have enough steam left to fight with those screws again, so I hit the hay instead.

When I got up today I crawled back up on the washer and dryer to remove the one shelf to reposition. In the process I replaced all the screws on the other shelves. It just made me feel better about the strength of the shelves with the stronger screws. 

I was finally ready to start loading the china and glassware back onto the shelves. I finished about ten minutes before my folks arrived back home. I had intended to have everything completed, but what can you do?

I still wanted to hang a curtain to protect the china and glassware from dust. Of course I have that ribbon edging to do. I also picked up a hook to hang the dryer lint thingy and picked up a new light switch plate cover.

After coming up short at the local stores, I was planning to look online for a drying rack for hanging shirts and a retractable clothesline. Why are these not available in stores? Frustrating. Should be the name of this post. Frustrating Failures. 

I kinda thought it would be great to better utilize the storage space, protect the china, and make it more functional, buy what do I know? 

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