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Sunday, June 16, 2013

From Lampspiration To Lamps!

I had this idea to make lamps from vintage milk glass pieces. I lucked out when I found this interesting centerpiece. Basically it came pre-drilled for wiring! I just needed to drill out a hole in the back for the cord to come out.

I was really nervous to tackle drilling glass. You need a special drill bit (diamond core drill bit) and I started out with a glass and tile drill bit. Do yourself a favor and buy the right tool for the job. Once I had it, the glass drilling was no biggy. Practically a piece of cake.

Once I had a cord hole drilled and knew I hadn't destroyed the piece, I painted the brass with a decorative finish. It's a little hard to tell in the pictures, but the close up gives you an idea. I'm just really happy with the outcome.

In the process of this inaugural lamp project, my dad dug this old Pepsi bottle out of God-knows-where in the basement. Apparently someone had given it to him many moons ago to make a lamp out of it. And he waited all this time until I decided I was a lamp maker.

Being a professional glass driller outer, I made the cord hole about a week ago when I had my fancy diamond drill bit out to drill drainage holes in a couple of enamelware pots. I stuck the bottle in a drawer knowing I had a spare lamp kit and could finish the job later. 

Since then I picked up a shade and stored it in my closet thinking I would finish the lamp for father's day. So today when my folks went out for the evening, I unearthed the bottle, lamp kit, and shade and went to town on the assembly. I didn't even need to look up how to tie the underwriter's knot this time (I had A LOT of practice with that on the milk glass lamp--long story).

I had the whole thing together in no time and realized the lamp shade was too small. A quick trip to the hardware store provided a soda colored shade that was a better fit. I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

A few weeks ago with no lamp making experience I said to a friend that I was a lamp making professional and could make a lamp out of anything. I'm beginning to believe it!

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