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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Savoring Summer

I've been busy savoring my summer! I'm taking advantage of my free time as much as possible. I worked myself absolutely sick to death, so I'm glad to say I'm healing quite nicely.

Being close to family has helped considerably. I'm also enjoying physical therapy by way of gardening and crafty projects and communing with the nature right in my back yard while I'm here.

I kept thinking I'd post garden pictures when I'm done, but I keep finding more to do! So is the way with tending a garden I suppose. I'm enjoying nurturing the flowers as well as tomatoes and herbs. I've already indulged in fresh herbs from my patio garden and I'm watching the development of those tomatoes like a hawk!

This is traditionally my vacation week and I usually performed weeding, so I feel like that is on my vacation agenda. I'd also like to finish the last of the edging so I can feel the gardens are finally complete.

I also plan to spend all week on the bike trail and perhaps getting Peanut out for walks. The vet recommended hill climbing to strengthen his hindquarters. He's really struggling hoisting himself off the ground and is quite unstable during his outdoor adventures.

I also believe the tumor on his leg may be affecting his gait. He's starting to do the sideways shuffle. I'm hoping for more quality time with my little Nut, but realistically I feel the end is near. I'm so happy we've had so much time together since returning to Trempealeau! Well... really I'm happy that we've had so many summers to savor together.

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