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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good Bye To Mr. Peanut

On July 30th I had to say goodbye to my beloved puppy, Peanut. I always called him my main man because he was with me for so long, always by my side moving from here to there and back again. I will miss him greatly. Here is a look back at the wonderful times we shared. 

Peanut came into my life when I was only twenty years old. I've just realized I was unemployed at that time as well. He was truly a blessing.
We moved into a two-story house and I attempted to teach Peanut how to climb stairs to no avail. Throughout his life he could only muster the energy for 3 or 4 steps. In his later years he enjoyed ramp access to the house.
My sister lived with us for awhile and Peanut was happy to drag her around the block for a walk when he got the chance.
While living in La Crosse, our house was a hot spot for after bar activity. Peanut enjoyed the extra attention via snuggles, pizza, and Dorito snacks, and sometimes training.
 Peanut enjoyed as much cousin time as Lemon would allow. Peanut was much more laid back about it then Lemon usually was. Peanut loved other dogs as much as he loved people.
 While living with Grandma and Grandpa, Peanut tested Grandpa's strength during walks around the yard. It would be many years before Peanut would let up on the reins.
 Peanut, Grandma, and Grandpa wore themselves out moving into our home in West Salem. Where ever we moved, Peanut knew it was home by his comfy spot on the couch.
Peanut even traveled all the way to Springfield with me. He was one of two people I knew there. The wooden floors were not his favorite, but it wasn't until last year that he refused to walk on them once and for all. We truly enjoyed all the porch time we could.
 He was happy to spend his golden years reunited with Grandpa and Grandma. It made them extra special for all of us.  Good bye little buddy. I miss you already.

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