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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another Whole 30

Over the last twenty-nine days I've been working towards this moment. Day 30!

I believe this is my fourth Whole 30. I still have never been a perfect little Whole 30 bee, but it does what it is supposed to do. It breaks bad eating habits and establishes new good ones. As a bonus it also makes me feel fantastic.

Let's start at the beginning. Usually day 4 is my lowest of the low points. By that point I'm experiencing full detox and feeling it all as it oozes out of my pores. Headaches, body aches, lack of energy, and just that hide-me-under-the-blankets til tomorrow feeling. This Whole 30 was different.

Right off the bat I started in with the dull all day long headache. I can't believe I spent most of my life like this. I began having frequent headaches in the 5th grade. And they continued almost every day through a few years ago when I discovered the Whole 30. I quickly realized that all those man made ingredients in food will quickly trigger a headache for me, but if I eat real food, I rarely get headaches anymore. I can't think of anything better than living headache free on a daily basis.

I was anticipating really bad detox because I've fallen into really bad eating habits since moving back to Wisconsin, but by day four I was feeling okay. I was like, hey... it's day four. Why don't I want to crawl back in bed? And so on I went.

I had the occasional sugar slip up, but about halfway through my Whole 30 I took a trip and decided to enjoy a cocktail with some friends. First off, I ordered a vodka and club soda, but I think they gave me some sort of soda instead. It was REALLY sweet. I mean, barely tolerable sweet. The kind of disgusting sweet that can only come from soda. I paid my toll over the next few days as my body tried to convince me to ingest more sugar. (It's a vicious cycle) I pulled it back on tracks and was happy to continue the detox after that.

Last weekend was the opening of the show I'm working on and I made a decision to drink red wine that night. I thought wine would be safer, but I overindulged and woke up the next day with impaired breathing. Like the kind of impaired breathing I used to get from beer before I went gluten free. This is a biggy. I love my red wine, but what if I am having an allergic reaction to it? This would make me incredibly sad. I plan to do a test run with white wine to see if that makes a difference.

I've also decided to keep on with the Whole 30 style of eating to keep myself on track. I enjoy the option of saying "I can't eat that" instead of relying on myself to decided I don't want to eat that. I'm a structure kinda girl. Keep in mind, there is more alcohol on the way, so I feel like that is even a better reason to keep on track with food.

I'm enjoying really deep sleep, lots of energy, and really tasty food. Life is good.

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