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Monday, November 4, 2013

I Hate the IPhone

Let me just begin by saying that since switching to iPhone, my life has been not as rosy.  As if I hadn't been ignoring the blog enough, it is practically impossible to blog from my phone which I regularly did from my Android Galaxy SII.  (Let's have a moment of silence for the death of Swype in my life.) I hate the iphone. The keyboard is just the tip of that archaic phone iceberg.

Skip ahead to what I love.  I love a good sheen on a freshly waxed piece of furniture.  I've been working on a table I snagged at the local thrift store for $15.  I've been experimenting with DIY chalk paint recipes* and turned a can of Nutmeg I had into a chalky dream on this thrift store find.  It was with this can that I think I realized the cause of the consistency problems I've been having.  The recipe of 3 parts paint, 1 part water, 1 part plaster of paris works out great with the flat or eggshell finish paints.  However, a resourceful girl wants to use the can of paint she already has even if it is a satin finish. Bingo. Chunky, pasty mess. I usually just add more water until it gets back to paint consistency. And as you can see by this glimmery post-wax close up, it turns out just fine in the long run.

Isn't it pretty?
The table is completed and will be delivered soon, but the chairs are just starting their transformation. Last night I cleaned and sanded six dining chairs.  After waxing the table and sanding the chairs I'm certain that I'm going to have biceps of steel. One chair seat was broken, so I cut a new one and upholstered them all in striped earthy tones. First I ran out of staples, then I ran out of dust cover fabric for the bottoms.  So those are on hold as well.  Today I begin the priming, chalk painting process, which will likely take a couple of days with dry time and sanding. Then I'll get to wax those beauties as well and you'll get the full set reveal.  (And my sister gets a new table and chairs I hope will serve her family for years to come.)

Until then, enjoy some of these other creations I've completed with chalk paint.
This pair of chairs are painted in white chalk paint, distressed, and waxed.  With funky black and white fabric, I wish these were staying in my home! These chairs are available for purchase at Thrifty Pickin's.
This curvy table got the chalk paint and distressed makeover on the outside. Then I painted a surprise pink on the inside and decoupaged scrapbook paper to the top for a touch of grown up girly for my quickly growing niece.
This little table was stashed away in our basement in a state of almost repaired. I finished up the repair and painted it with a light blue chalk paint and heavily distressed and waxed for another niece with just a sliver of space for a bedside table. 
This chair has layers of treatment. There is an aqua paint under the white chalk paint so when I distressed I got wood showing, but also little spots of aqua peeking through. Then I decided it was too white, so I glazed with a light brown before waxing.  This chair is available for purchase at Thrifty Pickin's.

I've been wrapping up a lot of projects with the impending winter and closing of my garage workshop. Maybe I'll be able to move a few smaller projects indoors. I apparently can't stop, so I'll need to work something out!

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