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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life Is Funny

So I recently got all set up with my Wisconsin driver's license and vehicle registration. The super helpful lady at the DMV magically made it all happen even though I showed up unprepared.  The only catch is that I need to mail my car title to Madison so they can change it into a Wisconsin title. Now where did I put that title?

It seems I'm usually pretty organized.  I have important things in a fire proof safe, so I thought surely it would be in there.  Now where did I put the keys to the safe? Okay, got the keys, opened the safe, no title.  Well if it isn't in the safe, it is probably in my filing cabinet.  Digging through files, thinking they could be more organized, still no title.

So I pull out each file box to browse categories in the off chance something will ring a bell.  Is it in my passport folder? Nope. How about insurance? Nope.  What is this? Letters?

I have a folder of old letters I have saved, printed out emails, birthday cards, and your random newsworthy tidbit.  You can't just pull out a folder like this and put it right back because it doesn't contain the one thing you happen to be looking for today. No. What is the purpose of keeping all of this stuff if you never look through it?

So on this rainy afternoon, I enjoyed laughing at some lovely cards. I'm not really a greeting card kind of girl, so when it makes it to the folder, you know it's pretty good.  Thanks for the laughs and sentiments family and friends! There were some letters I knew I couldn't open at this time. But I did find a college prep writing project from my senior year of high school.  It is amazing to look at this short piece and instantly be transported to the place and time where I felt the need to write it down on paper.  If I recall correctly, I believe I had to read it aloud in class as well.

On this beautiful day of September
My friends and I will always remember
The wonderful times we had together,
Sharing joys and sorrows with each other.
We all will depart in separate ways,
Onto college and many new days.
Our trips will be, in their own way, distinct,
But our hearts will always follow instinct.
Our bodies divided by many miles,
I'll always treasure the look of their smiles.

Beth called me and said, "Dude man, I'll go dude.
Let's call Jenny, Robbie, and Squirly too."
"I'm up for anything," she said to me.
Everything I could think up had a fee.
Beth had no bills or change in her pockets.
"Will Shirley break out the card to spot us?"

The greatest runner in our group-Robbie.
It seems to him, it's more than a hobby.
Rumors have flown of bad behavior,
But he doesn't care, he's our own savior.
He is such a flirt, adored by the girls.
The guys are his buddies, and so is Shirls.

My kind-hearted friend, Shirley, came with us.
Her generous nature is always a plus.
She thinks of others as much as herself.
Always spreading joy like a magical elf.
My best friend, without a doubt in my mind.
There'll always be love and kindness to find.

Jenny McD can be fun as the rest. 
On the weekend last our friendship was messed.
I do care about her more than she knows.
I hope she doesn't get hurt by my foe.
What happened hurt me more than I can say.
I hope you'll still walk with me come this May.

I guess that just leaves me. I hate this part.
My sister, Sara, says that I'm smart.
I'm having my doubts, so I hope she's right.
I've got so many prospects in my sights.
I want a family with children in twos;
I want a job where I love what I do.
I hope to discover myself today.
About this pilgrimage: that's all I can say.

Life is a funny thing.  I just had to share it here today.


  1. is funny. I love you so.

  2. Man dude....dude man. Thanks for making me smile. I really, really needed this today. Love, Beth



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