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Friday, January 3, 2014


After a long day at my nine to five, I hurried home for a bite to eat and to record my lines before heading to the theatre for rehearsal. We were expected to be memorized, so I worked on my lines on the way there with the recording.

It was really challenging for as little as I have in the way of lines because I hadn't worked the scenes with blocking more than once. I'll get it. I'm just hard on myself. I always expect I should be able to do anything without practicing and am disappointed to find out that usually isn't the case.

After I got home I spent an hour...
...with the DVR and a glass of wine before I remembered I had work to do in the basement. I headed down to begin the distressing. I sanded several pieces including a new chair with desk and the vanity mirror and stool for my farm table. I ran out of steam before getting to the table, but luckily the top got a little scratched up after working on the other projects on it.

Tomorrow. I'll get it done tomorrow and then get everything all waxed up and shiny. I'm loading up a truckload of furniture and things to take to a new shop this weekend. Stay tuned!

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