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Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Love Letter

Well it's a day late, but I usually reflect on love on February 14th for some reason.

This year I lost my main man, Mr. Peanut. It was difficult to say goodbye, but I'm so grateful for the fourteen and a half years we had together. There are really no words to express a love so true. He was the love of my life and I miss him every day.

I had plenty of challenges this year and was lucky to have amazing support from my family.

I moved back to Wisconsin to look for a job and my parents welcomed me with open arms. While I waited for the right job to come along, they let me reorganize their closets, paint walls, and redo landscaping to keep me from getting bored.

And when I decided to start repurposing furniture, they parked their cars in the driveway so I could take over the garage. (The half that wasn't filled with my belongings.) They put up with sawdust, wet paint, and spray paint on their lawn. And now, I've brought all of that into the basement for the winter!

Most recently when my car broke down in the big city on a Sunday night, my dad drove into town to rescue me. And over the last three weeks with no car, they've graciously allowed me to chauffeur them to work and then hijack their car for my own use. Now my dad is vigilantly searching out my next new car. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you do!

My sister has also been very supportive since I moved back. She filled many days with activities and visits with the nieces. We went hiking, swimming, and to concerts and such. It was wonderful to have the time to spend with her family.

She is always quick to set an extra place for me at her dinner table and pour me a glass of wine or crack open a cider. She always shares what she has.

I was so happy to be able to share our love of theatre this year on two different shows. As much as I love spending time with her family, it was extra special to just have sister time together every day. As lives get busy, it can be easy to disconnect from family and friends and I am so thankful for staying connected through our shared interests.

It's been nice being closer to the rest of my family as well. Every now and then I get a lunch with my aunt, a chat with grandma, Friday fish out with the Adams clan, and sometimes a visit from the Hanover family. You enrich my life!

This year I've reconnected with friends since moving back. I really took this opportunity to strengthen the friendships of those who reached out to me and tried to be open to all possibilities. In that process I've strengthened some old friendships, built newer ones, and let go of some old ideals as well.

Thank you to all of you who chose to welcome me back into your lives! It means a lot when you're feeling like the new kid in school again. I appreciate you and the time we've shared this year!

Here's hoping for more of the same in the coming year. I'm always looking out for possibilities--you never know what the future will bring. Wishing you just as much love in your lives!



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