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Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Regal Throne

Can you even believe it's the same chair?

I picked this structural beauty up last summer. It was quickly stripped down of orange fabric and primed. Then in a frenzy of chalk paint, it received a few coats and sanding to distress. And after a coat of furniture wax, it sat around the house for a very long time.

I eventually cut fabric using the old fabric as a template.
And then I piled it on the chair to sit around some more. At Christmas I made room in the basement to hide it away while company was over.

I brought it upstairs perhaps in January to begin the reassembly process. And still I can only muster energy to do a little upholstery at a time.

But here we are, half a year after I purchased this fabulous piece and it is finally done! It will be difficult to part with it. I will have to weigh my options for where I will sell it to assure it goes to a good family. Maybe it will sit around here another half year!

This chair is available for purchase SOLD at Thrifty Pickin's.

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