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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An Experiment In Color

I had this itch to paint something coral, but of course I don't have any coral paint. But I did have red paint I was inclined to use up. And I always have flat white on hand.

After a little internet searching (that's really how I solve all problems), I discovered you can make coral paint by mixing together red, white, and a little orange.

The color of the old guest room immediately popped into my mind. It was a tan, but it was so orangey that I felt like it was always a sunny day at the beach in that room!

So I borrowed the leftovers to spice up my pink mixture of red and white paint. It worked! I was stoked. And because I mixed up so much paint in getting the color just right, I painted one table and then this whole other table. The original coral table is still in the process of top coating. Pictures to come soon!

I hope someone else enjoys this color as much as I do! It seriously makes me want to move to a beach house. Like right now. All I need is this table and a swim suit!

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