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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Busy Crafter Bee

I was a busy crafter bee today. I started by looking at Pinterest for a very long time. I browsed heart decorations even though I told myself I should move on to Spring and St. Patricks Day. I just can't stop crafting hearts!

I wanted to make hearts from wire and so once I accomplished that, I dug out a few skeleton keys and buttons to add to complete the ornaments.

Then I moved downstairs to finish my captain's wheel I distressed, painted, and glazed the other day. Today I applied the finishing wax and then drilled a hole in the center to add the clock works. I finished by...
...gluing on numbers.

But my most exciting piece today is my wire heart decoration. I picked up a red candlestick at the thrift store yesterday, so I glued a wine cork in the candle hole. After drilling a hole in the cork it was the perfect base to display a twisty wire heart with pearl and red bead embellishments. I finished it off with a natural bow. Now I just have to decide if I want to part with it!

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