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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back In The Workshop!

After a week spent at the theatre auditioning Mary Poppins hopefuls and a weekend spent relaxing at various drinking establishments, I'm back in the workshop!

Before all of that business, I stopped by a friend's rummage sale and picked up a car full of reasonably priced treasures for repurposing.

I took two chairs and made them into a bench with the help of a few salvaged baseboards. Tonight it got a coat of paint along with a lovely end table and a chair in such poor condition it could only be a garden chair. 

I'm feeling the creative juices flowing through me again!

As I was painting the table legs I was thinking about how I used to try to paint them vertically. It seems logical, right? 

But it is actually far easier to run your brush from side to side, in essence slapping the leg. I keep a small amount of paint on the brush and go slowly to avoid splatter on nearby finished pieces. 

Using the method, and because the paint is slightly thinned with plaster of Paris and water, the paint usually comes out perfectly smooth. It also is less likely to drip because your brush follows the creases with each detail.

Just thought I'd share with you in case you're still struggling painting table and chair legs vertically. Happy painting!

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