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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Than This Happened

It seems like forever ago that US Cellular sold my account to Sprint and forced a phone upgrade on me. But it was only about a year ago.

I felt like it would be convenient to have a phone that would communicate with my iTunes and that turned out to be correct. Since getting an iPhone I also got a new car with all the fancy Bluetoothness. I will never deny that it's pretty convenient. But it's pretty much just a glorified iPod. 

I absolutely hate the keyboard and pecking out each letter one by one. This is the modern age for crying out loud! Once I tried to download a Swype app only to be highly disappointed and I gave up. Until now. 

For some reason I was in the app store thingy and it recommended this Swype app. Don't mind if I do! Absolutely beautiful. It's as if we've been reunited... And it feels so good! 

So here I am back on the blog because I can actually communicate with this iPod now. So sweet. Stay tuned.  I'm going to attempt to get back into the blogging saddle. 

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